"If you really want something, just get your shit together and go for it without looking for reasons why you can’t do it."


- Nika Comet -

          In 2016 ’Chase the Comet’ members, frontwoman Nika Comet and guitarist Alexander Mishustov hopped on a flight from Moscow, Russia to Los Angeles, CA, and experienced eye-opening inspiration. Temporarily leaving the band that had brought them great success in their home country, they decided to follow their dreams and ‘deliver their music to the whole world.’       

       They started their first band 'The Sun' when they were in high school. After taking part in a TV-project like 'American Idol', releasing 2 full-length albums, first under the name 'The Sun' and then 'MyRockBand', playing at almost all biggest rock-festivals in Russia they realized they were ready for a more serious challenge. 

       By that time vocalist Nika Comet had an impressive resume providing backing vocals for one of the most popular Russian rock-bands ‘TARAKANY!’ and guitarist Alexander Mishustov had shared huge stages opening for the likes of ‘Metallica’, ‘Linkin Park’, ‘Muse’ and ‘Incubus’, just to name a few.

          It was time for them to move on and focus on their own music. 

       In the United States, Nika and Alex began playing in legendary Los Angeles venues such as ‘Whisky a Go-Go’ (opening up for Michale Graves (ex-MISFITS) and Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Rainbow), ’Viper Room’, ‘Loaded’, ‘Musicians Institute’, ’Skinny’s Lounge’ and events such as ‘Tattoo Expo’ at Pomona Fairplex.

         They changed their band name to Chase the Comet (joking: 'Third time's the charm') and at the end of 2017 released their first English EP 'This is MyRockBand' consisting of MyRockBand's (old band name) English songs.

  In February, 2018 Chase the Comet released their first full-length English album ’Rush’n’Rule’ crowdfunded by a constantly growing international online following. The album genre could be determined as melodic alternative rock.

        Joined by American drummer and bassist the band went on a few national tours playing shows in more than 7 states and 20 cities on the West Coast and South West of the US.

         With Alex's developing skills in sound-production and Nika's wide vocal range the band started experimenting with other genres and different sound without limiting themselves with the sound of a classic live band's set-up.

            The new album "Out of the Matrix" is set to come out on December, 1, 2019!

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